How to Choose a Personal Trainer


Working out alone isn’t for everyone. Many of us (myself included) thrive in having somebody to share their experience with, someone to be accountable to and to help build them up when they are feeling defeated. This sort of accountability can come in many forms, such as a friend or training partner or in hiring a personal trainer. But with so many trainers out there and so much conflicting information circulating in the health and fitness world where do you even start in searching for the trainer that’s right for *you*?

1. Credentials: The industry is flooded with some very qualified and some no-so-qualified people. Do your research. Make sure you know your trainer has undergone the appropriate education before you entrust them with your body. You wouldn’t give you car to an untrained mechanic so don’t settle for anything less when it comes to your body.

2. Chemistry: A trainer can have all the qualifications in the world but if you don’t vibe with their personality you will not get the best out of the experience. You are not likely to stick with / enjoy training if you don’t actually like spending time with your trainer. Find somebody you can connect with, who you feel comfortable with and you trust. While working out with a trainer you will be pushed to your limits and physical training can unveil emotions you were never expecting to surface. Find someone you are comfortable in building this relationship with. 

3. Methodology: I say it all the time but there are a million ways to be fit and you should find the type of fitness training that you actually like doing. A good trainer is flexible and can work with a variety of clients and types of training but most will have a speciality. Search for the trainer that positions themselves as an expert in the type of training you are interested in.

4. Someone Who Genuinely Cares: It might sound obvious but find a trainer who genuinely cares about you and your goals. Don’t just hire someone because they have a big Instagram following or chiseled abs or because they have the most certifications. Hire somebody who checks in on you between sessions, who asks how you are before telling you how they’re doing, who will be in your corner rooting for you no matter what. The hour you spend with your trainer should be about YOU and your goals. Find someone who genuinely listens and genuinely cares. 

5. Somebody Who Inspires You & You Can Relate To: Your trainer is your cheerleader and sets an example for you. They should be someone who walks the walk but you should also be able to see yourself living the kind of life they are educating you to live. You will be more successful in your training if you can find somebody you can identify with. Maybe you connect with their story in some way or they do a good job teaching you how to change your lifestyle in small achievable ways. Whatever it is, your trainer should be able to motivate and inspire while showing you that a healthy lifestyle is attainable for you.

7. Somebody Positive! This is a big one! Hiring a trainer is an investment in yourself. It should always lift your energy! Hire somebody who can keep a positive spirit even while pushing you hard. Avoid any negativity, be it in their energy or the way they speak to you as a client. If you leave a session feeling defeated, low in energy or in a bad mood, ask yourself why and how that came about. You are not in a military bootcamp - your trainer shouldn’t be wearing you down to your most vulnerable self. Your trainer should be someone who can build you up to get the very best out of you. Don’t pay someone to make you feel less than you deserve to feel.

I hope this was helpful for anyone confused about where to start when hiring a personal trainer! If you had any questions I’d be happy to chat some more.