Nantucket Cycling & Fitness

Nantucket Cycling & Fitness is located at 25 Youngs Way, Nantucket and offers a variety of group fitness classes including indoor cycling (Real Ryder bikes), Crossfit, barre, boxing, TRX and more. Classes can be booked online and through the Mind Body app. Drop in class passes are available. 

Lorna's schedule of classes at Nantucket Cycling & Fitness:

X Box: Friday 4:30pm
Heavy Bags: Saturday 3:30pm

Studio Nantucket

Studio Nantucket is a barre and fitness boutique located downtown at 23 Federal Street. The Studio Method is designed to develop core strength, balance, flexibility and endurance. Every class is musically driven, purposefully set to an ever-changing and fun playlist that maintains and efficient pace to keep you focused and motivated. Classes can be booked online and drop in class passes are available. 

Studio Barre 45: Tues 7:00am / Wed 7:45am / Fri 7:45am

Studio HIIB (High Intensity Interval Barre): Wed 5:20pm / Sat 7:45am 



The Nantucket Hotel

The Nantucket Club at The Nantucket Hotel is located at 77 Easton Street, Nantucket and offers year round or seasonal memberships. Classes include boxing, resistance training, yoga, zumba and more. Classes are open to members of The Nantucket Club and residents of the hotel. 

Lorna's schedule of classes at The Nantucket Club:

Fitness Boxing: Monday & Friday 5:30pm.