I grew up in Cork, Ireland to a family of boxing/MMA fanatics. In an 'if you can't beat them, join them' move I took a job at my brother's gym The MMA Clinic during college and started boxing to keep fit. It was there that my love for fitness was born and it changed my life. 

After years of struggling with weight gain after sustaining an injury, I became passionate about helping others who found themselves where I had been - frustrated, hopeless and desperate to regain the self confidence I’d lost. With a few years under my belt working in media and digital marketing, I made the (terrifying) decision to go back to school and become a certified personal trainer. I studied at the renowned Premier Training International in London before returning home to Cork to start my career in fitness. But 'The Grey Lady' - and my (now) husband - came calling and once again, after many years back and forth, I packed my bags and returned to Nantucket.

In the summer of 2018 I opened up my first boxing + fitness studio on Nantucket island. This little space is a dream come true and I count my lucky stars every day that I am able to live out my dream on this beautiful island, training and helping others to reach their goals. 


I’m passionate about helping my clients because I too have struggled with injuries, weight gain and lack of motivation. I know how hopeless it can feel but I also know it can be overcome. And it can be fun!


  • Certified Personal Trainer
    Premier Training International, London

  • Certified Level 2 Boxing Trainer, Box 'N' Burn Academy, Santa Monica, California.

  • Certified Advanced Boxing Instructor
    Hatton Academy, London

  • Certified Studio Method Barre Instructor
    Studio Nantucket.

  • Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor Premier Training International, London

I am passionate about working with my clients to achieve their fitness goals because I have been through it. When I graduated college, I decided to challenge myself and train for my first boxing fight. I put everything into my training and diet. For twelve weeks, that fight was my whole life. But, during the fight I suffered a shoulder subluxation (partial dislocation) and after the three rounds, the decision was a draw. Unable to train with my shoulder (and relieved to be back to 'normal' after an obsessive three months of training and clean eating), I gained weight like I had never experienced before. It was all or nothing. I was 100% 'healthy' or 100% not - no balance. For years I yo-yo'd, trying every 'quick fix' or 'diet' I could find. Nothing worked. Every time I lost weight, I gained it all back again. I was not myself; unhappy, no confidence, completely worn out. 

Eventually, I decided to make my health a priority. I started boxing again and lifting weights, which made me feel strong and empowered and allowed me to rehabilitate my shoulder injury. My motivation to continue training became the strength it gave me both physically and mentally and in turn, the weight loss helped me find some of the body confidence I had lost. I could wear all the clothes I’d outgrown and I felt food!

The change in my mindset changed my entire life. I opted for a new career because I wanted to help others who were like me. I stopped yo-yo dieting and started working on finding balance in my life and focussed on developing a more positive relationship with food. I trained every day, no longer because I wanted to lose weight, but because I wanted to be stronger, lift heavier, feel more energized. I set goals and thrived on hitting them. Now I thrive on helping my clients hitting their goals and doing so from a place of love for themselves and their bodies, not from a place of negativity. Whether you want to learn a new skill, get stronger, improve your overall fitness or simply just move more, I want to help you. 

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